• 大香伊在人线免

    r tattered rotten supercarg●o of houses, breathing into ●each others’ mouths, keeling over.Shuttered b●alconies swarming

  • 大香伊在人线免

    with rats, and old ▓women whose hair is full of th▓e blood of ticks.Peeling walls l●eaning drunkenly to east and west of

  • 大香伊在人线免

    their true ▓centre of gravity.The black ribbon of▓ flies attaching itself to the lips and eyes▓ of the children — the m

  • 大香伊在人线免

    oist beads of summ▓er flies everywhere; the very w●eight of their bodies snapping off ancient flyp●apers hanging in the v

  • 大香伊在人线免

    iolet doors of● booths and cafés.The smell of the sw●eat-lathered Berberinis, like that ●of some decomposing stair-carpe

  • 大香伊在人线免

    t.And▓ then the street noises: shriek and clang of t●he water-bearing Saidi, dashing his me▓tal cups together as an adver

  • What is it?

    ▓ being disembowelled.The sores l●ike ponds — the incubation of a human m▓isery of such proportions that one▓ is aghast

  • Who is it for?

    , and all one’s feelings ▓overflow into disgust and terror.I w●ished I could imitate the self-con▓fident directness with

  • Why use it?

    ng at her●, I inhaled the warm summer perfume ●of her dress and skin — a perfume ▓which was called, I don’t know why, J

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    which Ju●stine threaded her way through t▓hese streets towards the café w●here I waited for her: El Bab.The doorway ▓by the shattered

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    arch where in all inn●ocence we sat and talked; but already our● conversation had become impregnat●ed by understandings w

  • Cross-Browser

    hich we took for th●e lucky omens of friendship merely.On that● dun mud floor, feeling the qui●ckly cooling cylinder of t

  • Perfect for Everyone

    he earth d▓ip towards the darkness, we were possessed only● by a desire to communicate ideas▓ and experiences which overs

  • Fully Documented

    tepped the rang●e of thought normal to conve▓rsation among ordinary people.She talk▓ed like a man and I talked to her lik

  • 24x7 Support

    e a man.●I can only remember the patter●n and weight of these conversations, no▓t their substance.And leaning there● on


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